Medical Services

When you just cannot wait to feel better, why wait in a busy emergency room?

When you need quality medical care now, our medical walk in clinic has Board Certified practitioners.

No waiting for hours and hours in a crowded E.R. or waiting room.
No waiting weeks and months for a clinic appointment.
No exposure to nasty hospital or clinic germs.

Our Urgent Care Services Include:

• Laboratory
• EKG capabilities
• GYN examinations and treatment
• Urine drug screens
• Health and DOT Physicals

Treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home also available.

Our clinic provides more than high quality care; we provide you with a warm healing environment.
















Healthcare Treatments Include (Among many others)

• Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
• Dehydration and infections needing I.V.'s
• Serious colds, flu
• Bronchitis, and pneumonia
• "Hangover" treatment with I.V. fluids, vitamins and nausea control
• Sore throat (strep test available)
• Low back pain and sciatica
• Acute and Chronic pain
• Urinary tract / bladder infections


House / Hotel calls*: ‘‘After hour’’ and medical insurance

We do not directly accept medical insurance, including Medicare We can treat Medicare patients, but Medicare cannot be billed for the visit, and so the expense must be borne out of pocket.

For private insurance we provide an invoice which can be submitted to your insurance company for possible “out of network” reimbursement, depending on your coverage and deductible. Generally, medical problems and procedures are at least partially covered, but cosmetic procedures usually are not.

Hotel or House Call (After 8pm) $325.00
Additional charges may apply for meds, labs, xrays, supplies, procedures, excess physician travel


Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) may be used to pay for our services.
Check with your tax advisor for current rules.





Our Urgent Care Procedures Include:

• Suture repair
• Wound care
• Breathing treatments
• Strep tests
• Foreign body removal
• Absess drainage
... And many more services and procedures!



Our night services are generally available to:

• Established patients
• Guests of referring hotels
• Referring traveler insurers/assistance services
• Established corporate clients and business partners
• Airline clients/crews